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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

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120692 B1Q84音楽プレイリストユーチューブから Name テムジン 19/06/01(土)07:16:39 No.9835 del + 12月01日頃消えます[返信]

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63425 B美しい男 Name テムジン 19/05/31(金)04:18:58 No.9831 del + 11月30日頃消えます[返信]

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Would you?

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121057 B無念 Name a JFP fan 19/05/09(木)08:55:56 No.9767 del + 11月08日頃消えます[返信]
A website of Japanese nationalist political party named "Japan First Party".
Only political party in Japan that oppose the intake of immigrant.
Unfortunately, they don't have a seat in both local and national assemblies yet.
They are being persecuted by the both South and North Korean nationals living in Japan and the Japanese antifa/communists and also Japanese government.
It's like Tommy Robinson in the UK, who is being illtreated by immigrants and his government.
無念 Name としあき 19/05/09(木)08:58:47 No.9768 del +
無念 Name a JFP fan 19/05/09(木)09:01:22 No.9769 del +
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Japanese communist named Yoshifu Arita says "Korean-go-home" is racist but "Yankee-go-home" is not racist. He is a former communist party member, now politician from CDP(Constitutional Democratic Party). His parents took his first name "Yoshifu" from Joseph Stalin. He is frequently attacking Japan First Party's members on his twitter account. I think he is a spy for North Korea.
無念 Name としあき 19/05/09(木)10:09:37 No.9770 del +
無念 Name a JFP fan 19/05/09(木)10:11:54 No.9771 del +
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Last month in April, Japan held an nationwide local election. 7 people had run for the election as the JFP candidates. When a JFP candidate try to make a campaign speech at Kawasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture, Japanese antifa came and surrounded the candidate and intimidate him loudly to stop his speech. It's an obviously violation of Japanese election law but police never arrest them. But they arrest interrupters on the spot if a victim was LDP candidate which Abe belong to.
無念 Name としあき 19/05/09(木)19:03:06 No.9779 del +
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Japanese bar associations are controlled by leftist lawyers. In April 22th 2016, Tokyo bar association put out a statement that demand the government to resubsidize the North Korean school in Japan. In 2013, Japanese government stopped to subsidize the North Korean school in response to criticism by public. But Tokyo bar association says the government decision is against the Japan's Constitution that guarantees the people to recieve a equal education and equal protection of laws, even though the North Koreans are not our people but aliens who have other country's passports. Japanese conservatives believe that Japanese leftists are full of followers of Juche ideology just like South Korean leftists. Otherwise, they are simply stupid.
無念 Name としあき 19/05/13(月)22:21:48 No.9805 del +
無念 Name としあき 19/05/13(月)22:25:58 No.9806 del +
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It is a serious issue. European nationalists say Europe is getting Islamisation. But Japan is getting North Korealisation. Because Japanese government says the hate speech toward the US citizens and Japanese are OK but toward Koreans are not OK, even if it was remarked by individual. It means our government attitude is the same with North Korea who is promoting the anti-US and anti-Japan as national policy.

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37662 B西洋人 Name としあき 19/03/28(木)03:55:28 No.9669 del + 9月27日頃消えます[返信]

For anyone who can speak English, I'm much better at understanding that than your language. Yes, I am a /b/fag.
無念 Name としあき 19/03/28(木)17:25:39 No.9674 del そうだねx1
無念 Name としあき 19/03/29(金)02:00:47 No.9676 del +
Go back to /pol/
無念 Name としあき 19/04/27(土)00:11:25 No.9733 del +
I think European culture is cool. It's not only music and fashion. Especially, Christianity and Bible. For example, we can see sometimes people try to explain the real world using Bible. So, the people who don't like globalism and massimigration explain how it is an anti God, citing the story of the tower of babel. We don't have such culture. So, I think it's cool.

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