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160910 B/qa/ chat thread Name としあき 18/02/22(木)05:40:11 No.5801 del 19年3月頃消えます
how was ur day?
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)06:40:07 No.5802 del
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1628316 B
i took some dope (lolz)
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)07:30:11 No.5803 del
>i took some dope (lolz)
did it feel good
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)07:56:02 No.5804 del
took an undergrad laser physics test
pretty sure I aced it but also pretty sure the test was easy
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)08:51:04 No.5805 del
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>did it feel good
i wouldnt shoot up dope if it didnt feel good, ya dig
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)09:00:27 No.5806 del
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無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)09:29:37 No.5807 del
>>did it feel good
>i wouldnt shoot up dope if it didnt feel good, ya dig
what other drugs do you like to do? sorry just curious!
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)09:32:34 No.5808 del
>took an undergrad laser physics test
>pretty sure I aced it but also pretty sure the test was easy
nice work keep it up
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)09:52:04 No.5809 del
>what other drugs do you like to do? sorry just curious!

just dope really. apart from that meff once in a blue moon, i am white after all.

whisky is an aquired taste but once you develop your tastebuds its really great on a gloomy afternoon just relaxing

i am high on life (no, srsly)
無念 Name としあき 18/02/22(木)13:41:04 No.5810 del
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I wrote a script to scrape images from mastodon accounts. It sounds easy but it's actually quite tricky since there's no API endpoints to use and the HTML is actually generated by the client's browser after executing some garbage JS shit library. Not only that but you also need to execute some JS to replace the spoiler placeholder for NSFW images.

I had to use selenium and firefox in headless mode. It finally works. I fucking hate the modern Web and modern web technologies and fucking hipsters webshits.

At least I now have 3000+ cute doll images.

Next step is to make a full crawler.
無念 Name Bernd 18/02/22(木)15:24:14 No.5814 del
Interesting. Can you share your folder?
無念 Name としあき 18/02/23(金)05:30:17 No.5818 del
its nice out today
無念 Name としあき 18/02/23(金)08:35:47 No.5819 del
i think im getting a cold. took a bunch of sudafed and stayed home i hope it doesnt break out
無念 Name としあき 18/02/23(金)10:05:47 No.5820 del
get well
無念 Name としあき 18/02/24(土)06:12:06 No.5828 del
It was okay, going to make breakfast for myself even though it's ~1pm
無念 Name としあき 18/02/25(日)07:24:01 No.5834 del
無念 Name としあき 18/02/25(日)08:08:58 No.5835 del
無念 Name としあき 18/02/25(日)15:14:19 No.5836 del
無念 Name としあき 18/02/25(日)17:51:13 No.5840 del
went to wrk and played black desert
無念 Name としあき 18/02/26(月)05:26:55 No.5844 del
your doll thread is really cute!
無念 Name としあき 18/02/26(月)12:49:01 No.5857 del
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449331 B
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
無念 Name としあき 18/02/26(月)15:09:44 No.5858 del
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135820 B
Sakura-tan is gonna punish you.
無念 Name としあき 18/02/26(月)16:35:22 No.5863 del
but what did i do?
無念 Name としあき 18/02/27(火)15:22:09 No.5866 del
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HEY Gaijin virgins, "KUPAAA"
無念 Name としあき 18/03/01(木)00:47:49 No.5876 del
does sage work here?
無念 Name としあき 18/03/01(木)02:52:46 No.5877 del
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156149 B
Nowhere is safe from Pepe's grasp
無念 Name としあき 18/03/01(木)13:10:56 No.5878 del
無念 Name としあき 18/03/01(木)14:10:28 No.5879 del
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tfw you visit 2chan.
無念 Name としあき 18/03/02(金)09:47:15 No.5887 del
oh this exists
無念 Name としあき 18/03/02(金)09:54:47 No.5888 del
>does sage work here?
Why wouldn't it?
無念 Name としあき 18/03/02(金)15:52:02 No.5889 del
>oh this exists
what are you going to do about it?
無念 Name としあき 18/03/02(金)21:00:55 No.5890 del
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456917 B
id liek one rib
無念 Name としあき 18/03/02(金)23:27:57 No.5891 del
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12515 B
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
無念 Name としあき 18/03/16(金)13:24:49 No.5918 del
無念 Name としあき 18/03/16(金)21:10:08 No.5926 del
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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
無念 Name としあき 18/03/30(金)05:52:43 No.5956 del
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142219 B
I did nothing much at all today.
It can't be helped.
I think I'll drink some Vodka now.
無念 Name としあき 18/03/30(金)05:59:05 No.5957 del
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> I fucking hate the modern Web and modern web technologies and fucking hipsters webshits.
Me too. I just can't stand it.
Just easy html, easily accessible apis, and maybe sometimes minimal js would be completely enough, but no, they bloat up everything to the max without there being a benefit at all.
I just don't get it.
The worst part is that people/employers/clients even expect you to program like that, because it's "modern" or some bullshit.
Dumb normalos.

Pic related.
無念 Name としあき 18/04/04(水)17:51:01 No.5975 del
無念 Name としあき 18/04/30(月)11:11:02 No.6026 del
無念 Name としあき 18/05/04(金)20:10:26 No.6034 del
無念 Name としあき 18/05/18(金)22:27:25 No.6060 del
無念 Name としあき 18/09/09(日)13:33:56 No.6315 del
hey bitch 1 cum sallow!
無念 Name としあき 18/09/10(月)06:43:22 No.6318 del
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